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The Guman Museum has 940 items which include Jeonranamdo tangible cultural property No.285 "Ha baekwon's map of the world and Korea". The museum also has paintings and calligraphic works, vernacular letters, land registers, and seals.

Gunam is a pen name of Ha Baekwon (1781~1844), and he was one of the four Honam Silhak scholars in the late of Joseon Dynasty. He was born in Jeonranamdo Hwasoonkun Iseomyeon Yasari, and took most of his life inventing numerous machines and studying realistic matters in his hometown. He invented Jaseungcha, Jamyungjong (alarm clock), Kyeyoungbae, and Bangjeokki (spinning machine); also, he produced the map of the world and the map of Korea.

The Gunam Museum would let you meet inheritance related to Gunam Ha Baekwon, his relatives, and other relics of him.