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04.28 The GM held Gunam Ritual.   
02.23 The GM researched Dangsan Ritual in Daeboreum (the day of the first full moon of the year).   


10.01 The GM investigated biography of people in the village. (10.01 ~ 11.30)   
11.09 The GM explored Hwasoon Jeokbyuk.   
09.29 The GM held "Taking a family photograph" event celebrating Chuseok.   
09.08 The GM explored the sites of dinosaur footprints.   
08.03 The GM held the exploration of Turkish culture. (08.03 ~ 08.12)   
07.14 The GM held prior education for exploring the GM. (It is held on every Wednesday 2pm in the GM.) (07.14 ~ 07.28)   
05.25 The GM researched mulberry trees and the way to breed silkworms. (05.25 ~ 06.30)   
05.11 The GM held the completion ceremony of the GM, and erected a memorial stone for Ha Baekwon.   
04.04 The GM was registered as Jeonnam No.19 first-type specialized museum.   
02.05 The GM researched Dangsan Ritual in the village.   


11.01 The Gunam Museum opened in Hwasoon.